National Service & Sacrifice Award


Washington, DC  



Dear Supporter,

The Floyd County Emergency & Rescue Squad is beginning its 56th year of service to its community. We have been able to do this because of supporters like you. As you may be aware, we are now in the process of building the squad a new home. A home that you as supporters can be very much proud of. A home that finally the State of Kentucky is helping with. This is along with many people that have given of their time and labor and resources to help this project along. 

This will be the last Radio Auction that is done at our old home headquarters and we need your help! We have to watch every penny very closely to accomplish this task but, we must still pay the bills. I as Captain am attempting to take as much responsibility off of my community as I can. I am almost there! 

During this time we ask for your prayers and continued support. Natural disasters seem to be more regular and always depletes our operating budget very quickly. So, we need your help in the worst way.

Our members are 100% volunteer. We receive no compensation for our efforts. It is our pledge that your donation will be used wisely, effectively and for the safety of our community.

Remember your donation is tax deductible. 

Thank you so much for your support and God Bless!


Captain Timothy C. Cooley

Floyd County Emergency & Rescue Squad, Inc.

 Mission Statement


1.               (Purpose of our organization)


Article I – The purpose of the Squad shall be to provide volunteers trained and equipped for immediate temporary assistance to those in need of rescue, recovery, and similar emergency services.


Article II – The mission of the Squad shall be to save lives and to help protect the citizens of Floyd County. The Squad shall assist other departments within the county or other counties when called for mutual aid.


A.              The Squad is trained in the following types of recovery or rescue and will respond and take the lead role in:


1.               Ground search and /or recovery

2.               Rough terrain rescue and/or recovery

3.               Extrication rescue and/or recovery

4.               Still or swift water rescue and/or recovery


B.              The Squad will respond to and assist, but will not take the lead role in:


1.               Cliff rescue and/or recovery

2.               Cave rescue and/or recovery

3.               High angle rescue and/or recovery

4.               Electrical rescue and/or recovery

5.               Deep mine/coal bank rescue and/or recovery


C.              The Squad will not respond to the following:


1.               Search for persons sought for criminal acts

2.               Evidence recovery or search when related to criminal acts

3.               Directing traffic




Swift Water Training

Search and Rescue